White flesh Nectarine

Redix® 25 (12-250)

White Flesh Nectarine

Flowering date: 2 days before Big Top®.
Harvesting date: During second harvesting of Big Bang®
Caliber: AA-A
Thinning intensity: Medium.
Coloruring: 100% of the maroon / red surface.
Tree: Shape quite erect, easy to use has a knack for producing quality mixed buds.

Redix® 25, is a variety of White Flesh Nectarine with great agricultural potential which offers productions and unusual sizes for its harvest time. With main calibers (73-75 mm) and an estimated 30,000 kg / ha production. Its fruit is oval nice presentation and with a thin, shiny skin without lenticel breakdown. Variety with excellent taste quality, aromatic, sweet taste and a high juiciness.