Since the beginning the target of ViF International nursery has been the multiplication and selection of healthy vegetal material.

Our commitment with new varieties research is motivated by our aim of offering healthy and confidence varieties to the producers.

Our main objective is reaching a total satisfaction of our customers. Our bet is a great commitment to quality of the varieties we offer, as a solid basis for a project with continuity and future.

Nurseries of ViF International are located in the town of Caspe, where we have an area of over 20 hectares, divided into three different production zones:


Dedicated to the production of plants with a large number of rootstocks according to customer requirements. The warm weather of this region allows us making both kind of grafting: “young bud” and “dormant bud”.


ViF International has its own fields of tree’s root structures for the production of patterns and certified buds. These fields fulfil the required standards about Technical Regulation of Control and Certification of plants from fruit nurseries and are regularly checked by inspectors from the Government of our region (Aragon).


ViF International fields are opened to all technicians and farmers who want to come see their new varieties, two experimental fields where you can see and compare new varieties, weather conditions in Caspe and accompanied by our technical staff.