NETIX® (22-57)

NETIX® (22-57)

Yellow flesh Nectarine

Flowering date: Late.
Harvesting date: 17th of August at Caspe. Red Jim time.
Caliber: AA-AAA
Thinning intensity: Medium – low.
Colouring: 100% strong red surface.
Árbol: Medium strength.


Netix® 22-57 variety comes at a very interesting harvesting date. It stands for a beautiful fruit, rounded and a bright skin with a strong red. It has very regular fruit calibers where problems of open pinions weren’t found. Great agricultural potential wich can provide good calibers with very high productions.

Netix® 22-57 variety has a very sweet taste into the mouth with very crunchy and melting texture. Fruits of high firmness and great hold on tree. It can be harvested in grouped passes.