Aprix® 33

Self-fertile Variety

Flowering date: Late.

Harvesting date: End of May, between Wonder cot® and Magicot®

Caliber: AA

Thinning intensity: medium-high.

Colouring: 40 – 60% of the bright red surface.

Tree: Mid-straight mien, easily handled and produces quality mixed buds. It produces in corsage way quite well on May.


Aprix® 33, is an apricot variety. Regarding to shape and type is very similar to Aprix® 9. With high agricultural potential, this variety lets very good productions every year. It has very regular fruit calibers with a bit almond shape.
Variety of good quality tasting, juicy and aromatic, with sweet taste in the own harvesting moment. The fruit has a very beautiful “blush” and bright velvety. Very rustic variety.